Please Make Note:  We NEVER request account information such as credit card, debit card, account number, etc. . . over the internet or e-mail.  Personal information with the bank can only be changed in person with proper ID verification.

No "Phishing" Allowed - If you receive an unexpected email, or one that you consider suspicious, delete it.  Remember: Kentucky Home Bank will never email you and ask you to go to another site to "verify information."

Hijacking with Spyware - works by inserting malicious software, often referred to as "spyware", on a person's pc.  Spyware can be loaded when a user opens a seemingly innocent e-mail attachment or clicks on a pop-up advertisement.  The Spyware collects selected information (e.g., user names, passwords, and account numbers) and forwards that information to the fraudster.

Virus Vaccines - Your computer's anti-virus software is like a vaccine - It works at first, but you need to keep it up-to-date to guard against new strains.

VIGILANCE PAYS! - Check your statements regularly. If something seems irregular, contact us to discuss it.  An encouraging note: a recent study showed that customers who monitor their accounts online discover any problems sooner.  Check your credit report at least annually.  You are entitled to one free credit report annually from each of the three major credit bureaus.  If a hijacker is misusing your credit, clues are likely to show up here.

For a free credit report log on to the world wide web at: 

Other Precautions to protect yourself:

Always make sure to access our website directly, not through a link attached in an e-mail.

 Never respond to an unsolicited e-mail that asks for detail financial information.  Always know who you are dealing with.

 Report anything suspicious to the proper authorities.  Alert the company or government agency identified in the suspect e-mail through a telephone number that you know is legitimate. 

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