Fee Schedule Effective As Of
January 1, 2014

 Checking Services  
 Insufficient Funds: "Overdrafts"

 $25.00 Per Item*


*Fee applies to overdrafts "created by check, in-person withdrawal,or by electronic means such as ACH"

 Dormant Service Fee

 $10.00 Per Month

 Stop Payment Fee

 $30.00 Per Transaction

 ATM Foreign Transactions

 $0.75 Per Transaction

 ATM Replacement Card

 $5.00 Per Card

 PIN Replacement

 $3.00 Per PIN

 Bookkeeping Services  

 $20.00 Per Hour,


 Plus $1.00 Per Reproduction

 Account Reconciliation

 $20.00 Per Hour

 Special Statement

 $5.00 Per Statement

 Activity Statement

 $2.00 Per Statement

 Collection Services  
 Coupon Collection

 $5.00 Per Envelope

 Bond Redemption

 $15.00 Per Issue

 Check Collection

 Charged As Incurred

 Attachments, Garnishments, & Levy

$50.00 Per Occurance

 Night Deposit Services  
 Lock Bags - First Bag


 Lock Bags - Additional Bags

 $18.00 Each

 Replacement Keys

 $1.00 Each

 Zipper Bags - First Bag


 Zipper Bags - Additional Bags

 $5.00 Each

 Teller Services  
 Cashiers Checks

 $5.00 Per Check


 $0.25 Per Copy

 Fax Copies

 $0.25 Per Page

 Visa Gift Cards

 $5.00 Each

 Safe Deposit Boxes  
 5 x 5 Boxes

 $25.00 Per Year

 5 x 10 Boxes

 $35.00 Per Year

 10 x 10 Boxes

 $70.00 Per Year

 Wire Services  
 Domestic Incoming Wires

 No Charge

 Domestic Outgoing Wires

 $10.00 Per Wire

 International Incoming Wires

 No Charge

 International Outgoing Wires

 $50.00 Per Wire

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